Service, Not Self

Memory Garden

Department Chaplain, Kimberly Champion

My wish is our Legion Family is well and staying safe.  Remember to say prayers at the beginning and end of your meetings be it whether they are in person, by teleconference or by Zoom.  Please let me know if you need any assistance in anyway.  I truly miss our interactions during Conference, Convention and other times throughout the year.  I so look forward to being with all of you in the future.

 Almighty and Eternal God, we thank thee for Thy many mercies; save, preserve and bless the people of this great land; grant peace to the world, to Thy churches, to the clergy, to all civil authorities, to our Armed Forces, and to all Thy people; for every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from Thee, the Creator of Light.  Fill our hearts with joy and gladness, always, both now and forevermore.    Amen.

Memory Garden: January 1, 2020 – October 21, 2020

MI UNIT 0002     Thelma Leys

MI UNIT 0003     Ida E Kraft

MI UNIT 0006     Chris StJohn

MI UNIT 0008     Ann Cleaver

MI UNIT 0008     Claradene Wherwein

MI UNIT 0008     Diane A Herber

MI UNIT 0008     Doris J Sheffer

MI UNIT 0008     Katherine Barr

MI UNIT 0008     Lynn Lloyd

MI UNIT 0010     Marie Popielarz

MI UNIT 0016     Arlene C Good

MI UNIT 0018     Donna A Hare

MI UNIT 0021     Sally A Blyze

MI UNIT 0021     Shirley L Peterson

MI UNIT 0027     Arlene M Gierl

MI UNIT 0027     Gloria Kuster

MI UNIT 0027     Irene M Johnson

MI UNIT 0028     Ann R Kammeraad

MI UNIT 0028     Jeanette Hoag

MI UNIT 0028     Mary E Skaio

MI UNIT 0028     Mary L. Schultz

MI UNIT 0028     Nancy C. Keech

MI UNIT 0028     Vera A Oom

MI UNIT 0028     Virginia M Beekman

MI UNIT 0029     C M Ackerman

MI UNIT 0029     Cynthia A. Slone

MI UNIT 0029     Joan M Barron

MI UNIT 0029     Myrna K. Battin

MI UNIT 0032     Linda Shirkey

MI UNIT 0035     Margaret Kozelko

MI UNIT 0035     Rebecca L. Lawrence

MI UNIT 0041     Jeanne M Hicks

MI UNIT 0044     Karen Lohf

MI UNIT 0044     Marlene A. Grange

MI UNIT 0044     Patricia H. Akkala

MI UNIT 0045     Bonnie J Sherman

MI UNIT 0045     Verna M Bachelder

MI UNIT 0047     Nancy Pagel

MI UNIT 0047     Virginia F Johnson

MI UNIT 0049     Bertha Dewey

MI UNIT 0049     Joan A Hoyt

MI UNIT 0049     Marilyn L Geier

MI UNIT 0051     Gaynelle Tate

MI UNIT 0054     Elizabeth Peckham

MI UNIT 0054     Mildred L Forrest

MI UNIT 0054     Shirley J Hibbard

MI UNIT 0064     Coleen Margetson

MI UNIT 0067     Stella A Locke

MI UNIT 0072     Cindy K Marsh

MI UNIT 0072     Nancy Laney

MI UNIT 0074     Bethel J Whalen

MI UNIT 0074     Joan Karlson

MI UNIT 0074     Ruth A Wendrow

MI UNIT 0076     Agnes Bellanger

MI UNIT 0076     Marsha J Funk

MI UNIT 0076     Mary E. Vandenheuvel

MI UNIT 0085     Jean Porter

MI UNIT 0097     Conniedale Lambert

MI UNIT 0097     Ruth I Disbro

MI UNIT 0101     Charlene L Hodges

MI UNIT 0101     Marilyn Riker

MI UNIT 0101     Virginia Holstad

MI UNIT 0104     Donna L Watz

MI UNIT 0104     Linda Ahleman

MI UNIT 0104     Tina DuRussell

MI UNIT 0108     Catherine Jarrett

MI UNIT 0108     Gayle K Tucker

MI UNIT 0108     Rose V Paddubny

MI UNIT 0114     Susan Vahama

MI UNIT 0122     Roberta J Vroman

MI UNIT 0131     Joan M Anderson

MI UNIT 0141     Geraldine Holden

MI UNIT 0141     Joyce Cooper

MI UNIT 0146     Joanne M. Quick

MI UNIT 0146     Joyce C. Kramer

MI UNIT 0146     Mary Ann Otradovec

MI UNIT 0146     Valentina Rodgers

MI UNIT 0150     Leona Reinert

MI UNIT 0154     Barbara J Peters

MI UNIT 0154     Jan Demerest

MI UNIT 0154     Lauren K. Eisiliones

MI UNIT 0156     Judith Dowell

MI UNIT 0157     Jacqueline Deline

MI UNIT 0157     Lorene Youngs

MI UNIT 0158     Dorothea A Peters

MI UNIT 0158     Elizabeth Crowley

MI UNIT 0158     Janet Moritz

MI UNIT 0158     Jeane Henry

MI UNIT 0158     Ladonna M Burzyck

MI UNIT 0159     Linda C. Macdonald

MI UNIT 0159     Mary F. Redmond

MI UNIT 0160     Janet Hall

MI UNIT 0160     Patricia M Velionas

MI UNIT 0165     Joyce L Deverney

MI UNIT 0170     Jean M Johnson

MI UNIT 0172     Mary M Tucker

MI UNIT 0179     Alfreeda J Tenhopen

MI UNIT 0179     Cindy Bricault

MI UNIT 0179     Jessica M. Sanabria

MI UNIT 0180     Dorothy Meredith

MI UNIT 0180     Kathleen Kubik

MI UNIT 0181     Viola G Petiprin

MI UNIT 0198     Betty Crawford

MI UNIT 0198     Mary A Fettes

MI UNIT 0198     Shirley F Hofer

MI UNIT 0200     Patricia J Miller

MI UNIT 0203     Barbara M Smith

MI UNIT 0216     Ina Morbitzer

MI UNIT 0216     Judith J Rickert

MI UNIT 0216     Kathleen A Kotas

MI UNIT 0216     Shirley J Maxwell

MI UNIT 0216     Viann Tunney

MI UNIT 0217     Jean Checchio

MI UNIT 0217     Joan K Ford

MI UNIT 0221     Dianna S Cutler

MI UNIT 0224     Jayne M. Deering

MI UNIT 0224     June M Wright

MI UNIT 0225     Eunice Wagner

MI UNIT 0225     Marian Cropsey

MI UNIT 0225     Violet Renius

MI UNIT 0226     Maryann Stephan

MI UNIT 0248     Shellie A Stec

MI UNIT 0253     Marie F Edenstrom

MI UNIT 0254     Loretta V Voisin

MI UNIT 0255     Virginia Vanconant

MI UNIT 0267     Maxine Thompson

MI UNIT 0268     June Criss

MI UNIT 0269     Mary E. Pierce

MI UNIT 0274     Edith Clements

MI UNIT 0281     Shirley A. Sterly

MI UNIT 0282     Ellen C Irvin

MI UNIT 0287     Beatrice Kelley

MI UNIT 0290     Darlene M Shoemaker

MI UNIT 0293     Ella Schmidt

MI UNIT 0293     Monica C. Begg

MI UNIT 0294     Ione H Walls

MI UNIT 0294     Margaret Nemecek

MI UNIT 0294     Sue Bross

MI UNIT 0295     Kathryn A Doran

MI UNIT 0295     Nancy A Patrick

MI UNIT 0295     Sharon L McCarrick

MI UNIT 0296     Shirley Yelvington

MI UNIT 0297     Barbara Rogers

MI UNIT 0297     Marlene G. Curtis

MI UNIT 0297     Ruth Stiver

MI UNIT 0297     Wilma Evans

MI UNIT 0298     Diane L. Harkness

MI UNIT 0298     Dorothy Vinski

MI UNIT 0298     Karen Burkart

MI UNIT 0300     Sara A. Nettle

MI UNIT 0315     Doreen E Turner

MI UNIT 0315     Maxine J Heie

MI UNIT 0317     Mildred I Wilderspin

MI UNIT 0322     Betty L White

MI UNIT 0331     Joyce Lehmann

MI UNIT 0340     Colleen Rodman

MI UNIT 0340     Joyce Gennara

MI UNIT 0340     Rita Reid

MI UNIT 0344     Eleanor Longfellow

MI UNIT 0344     Joyce E Chase

MI UNIT 0344     Tula Crow

MI UNIT 0346     Carol A. Pinkerton

MI UNIT 0346     Concetta C Crissman

MI UNIT 0351     Reina Svacha

MI UNIT 0360     Betty L Aemisegger

MI UNIT 0360     Bonnie K Thompson

MI UNIT 0362     Olive L. Johnson

MI UNIT 0362     Suzanne M. Young

MI UNIT 0364     Cynthia Parsell

MI UNIT 0370     Bertha I Ashby

MI UNIT 0370     Diane L. Fuller

MI UNIT 0370     Katherine L Swanson

MI UNIT 0370     Ramona A. Hamilton

MI UNIT 0374     Constance M. Phillips

MI UNIT 0375     Jacqueline Quick-Bennett

MI UNIT 0376     Marie Nellist

MI UNIT 0377     Beatrice Hockey

MI UNIT 0377     Bobbie J Yates

MI UNIT 0380     Johanne A. Cook

MI UNIT 0380     Laurie Sweet

MI UNIT 0380     Lillian M. Kaleyta

MI UNIT 0380     Michelle L. McCrackin

MI UNIT 0393     Eleanor Stanley

MI UNIT 0397     Fern Crysler

MI UNIT 0404     Audrey Winarski

MI UNIT 0404     Helene Showen

MI UNIT 0409     Jeanette E Fogarty

MI UNIT 0413     Gloria Walstad

MI UNIT 0413     Sally Sabo

MI UNIT 0416     Dorothy F Huger

MI UNIT 0416     Sylvia L Rose

MI UNIT 0419     Geri Ritchie

MI UNIT 0419     Janet R Bowles

MI UNIT 0422     Arlene M. Webb

MI UNIT 0422     Barbara Caverly

MI UNIT 0422     Gaye L. Filarski

MI UNIT 0439     Betty C Egerer

MI UNIT 0439     Geraldine Roth

MI UNIT 0439     Gerry Lintern

MI UNIT 0439     Julia Attridge

MI UNIT 0439     Marian S Hales

MI UNIT 0439     Marie E Wasney

MI UNIT 0439     Mary E Sierocki

MI UNIT 0443     Sue A Varnum

MI UNIT 0444     Barbara Brodbeck

MI UNIT 0444     Olympia Meteer

MI UNIT 0449     Nancy J Delong

MI UNIT 0459     Lucille A Williams

MI UNIT 0459     Michele M Zoerman

MI UNIT 0459     Virginia A Tyron

MI UNIT 0463     Caroline L Nolff

MI UNIT 0475     Laurette Riddle

MI UNIT 0528     KC S. West

MI UNIT 0540     Susann M Binola

MI UNIT 0540     Viola Cole

MI UNIT 0557     Lynn A Miller

MI UNIT 0557     Mary A Alstrom

MI UNIT 0568     Joyce Both

MI UNIT 0568     Wilma G Killips