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Junior Activity Consent Form

Please take a moment and get this information to any and all Juniors that you know are attending the Convention this year. Contact your District Chairman who in turn can contact any Unit Juniors that she knows are active.

We would love to have many Juniors attend this year, and as this is in conjunction with the regular Convention, many of your granddaughters, nieces and own daughters can attend right along with you!!!!

Please find attached the Junior Consent Form that all parents of Juniors who are attending the Department Convention this year must fill out in its entirety. Any Junior who arrives at the Junior portion of the Convention without the form will not be able to be at the Junior Convention.

Also if there is a Junior coming to the Convention and attending the meetings and the Junior Convention Portion of the Convention, they will need to be registered along with the Senior Members.

The Junior portion of the Convention will take place between 3 pm and 5 pm on Friday afternoon, with the Installation and Graduation Ceremony taking place on Saturday during the actual Senior Convention. There will also be an event on Saturday evening in and around the ??? Pool area??? for the Juniors to join. There will be pizza, swimming, games and more.