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2021 Department Convention

The 2021 Annual Summer Convention will be July 9 – 11, 2021 in Sault Ste. Marie at the Kewadin Hotel and Casino.

The Department Executive Committee will meet in the evening on July 8th.

Important packet with Convention information and forms is available to view/download by clicking here.

Click here for the Convention Registration Form

Flower Order Form

Department Convention Delegate Applications

2021 Delegate Application

2021 Delegate At Large Application

Resolutions Guide and Form

Important Upcoming Dates & Deadlines


May 1 –  Unit Data Form Due – Please get these in ASAP!

May 10 – Pink Sheet/Convention Awards Form Due

May 28 – National Poppy Day

May 28 – Reports for Book of Reports due to Department 

May 30 – Girls State Reservation Deadline

June 1 – Unit Officer’s Form 2021-2022 Due

June 9 – 30 Days until Convention

June 14 – R/R5 Awards Due

June 25 – Flower Orders Due

July 8 – Department Executive Committee Meeting

July 9 – 11 – Department Convention – Sault Ste. Marie

July 11 – Department Executive Committee Meeting

August 27 – September 2 – National Convention, Phoenix, AZ

2021 – 2022 Unit Forms

The Unit Data and Officer’s Form for 2021-2022 are now available.  These forms are fillable!  Download, fill, save, print, and mail or email to Department. 
Unit Data Forms are Due no later than May 1st!

Unit Data Form 2021-2022                        Unit Officer’s Form 2021-2022

2021 Poppy Order Forms

2021 Poppy Order Forms are now available.   Click Here 

Please order early!  We currently have one Veteran making poppies at this time and our supply is low.  Please limit your poppy purchases to what is only absolutely necessary.   Please contact Department if you need to order more than 2,000 poppies.  E-mail us at  Please note that shipping charges have been added to the form. 

Kits can be purchased on the Emblem Sales website if your a post or unit would like to assemble their own.  Please adhere to poppy rules.

We are not able to fill order for units or posts outside of the state of Michigan at this time.

Membership Notice

From Membership Chair, Anita Mennel:

This is a review of the remaining membership awards deadlines. The unit award for Caring and Sharing deadline is April 30, 2021.
The Department Award for the Armed Forces Day Award deadline is May 18, 2021
the Department Award for The Celebration Award deadline is July 31, 2021.

Please get your reports in… time to share in our success 🙂

AREA CHAIR’S: PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know the success stories of units in your area. Especially those who have made goal.

Junior/Young Sons Scavenger Hunt

Head over to the Juniors page for more information.

Poppy Update


Please click on this link to see information regarding updated Poppy Reporting and Poppy Awards.


New resources are available to help you promote your American Legion Family National Poppy Day events and activities — whether they’re virtual or in person this year. Visit for:

As you know for the 2nd year in a row, we must be creative for National Poppy Day®!

At NHQ we are planning our digital efforts to highlight National Poppy Day. We would like to get as many ALA members (and Legion Family) involved as possible. I would love for you to help share the message and encourage every member you know to get involved! And I would love to see each of you get involved too!  On Memorial Day, who will you be remembering?  Send us photos of those in your life who made the ultimate sacrifice. The photos may be used in a virtual poppy presentation.

Here are the ways to get involved:

SHARE PHOTOS: We will be remembering those who will killed in action in a special presentation. We are asking for photos along with the name of the servicemember and any relevant information to be emailed to

SUBMIT VIDEOS: What does the poppy mean to me? These videos can come from anyone and any age! They do not need to be a member. So, grab your phone or have someone else hold and record a message. We do ask that the phone be held horizontally (like shown below). Videos can be emailed to If the video is too large to send through email, please use the site  (no login information is needed) to send the video.

2021 Girls State

ALA GIRLS STATE GOES VIRTUAL  – Beryl Robbins, Chairman

This will be a year like no other for Michigan’s ALA Girls State! The decision has been made to go forward with our 80th ALA Girls State session in a virtual setting during the week of June 13 to June 19, 2021.  Schedule details are not available at this time; however, we anticipate the hours per day and the number of days will be reduced. We are fortunate to have such a professional government staff, many of them already experienced with the virtual classroom environment who promises to deliver a premier program.

One major change for 2021 is the lower reservation cost of $125 per delegate.  For those ALA Units that chose to hold their reservation fees of $375 for 2021, they can now send three delegates instead of just one!  This may also allow Units with smaller budgets to consider sponsoring a delegate.  Don’t forget the option of getting out in your communities to grocery stores, law offices, funeral homes, hardware stores and other businesses that are willing to support their youth. Parents and Grandparents have also sponsored a family member in the past.

Although this will be a major change for all of us, holding a virtual program has some huge benefits!  With students participating from home there is no need to make travel plans or worry about packing for seven days.  It also brings ALA Girls State into homes all over the state of Michigan.  Parents, for the first time in 80 years, will be able to look over their daughter’s shoulder to see what our ALA Girls State program and the American Legion Auxiliary is really about.  In states that held a virtual session last year, this increased membership applications.

One thing that will remain the same is the delegate registration process which will be done through CampDoc at a cost of $30 by the student. The Delegate application, registration form and other information is available on the webpage

2021 Reservation Form

2021 Delegate Application

2021 Girls State Flyer –
Print this flyer to distribute at your post and in your community!

If you have questions regarding Girls State, please email

More information is available on the Girls State Page.

2019 – 2020 Department Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to our Units and Districts for all their efforts!  To see the list of 2019-2020 award winners please click here!

Certificates will be mailed to the Units.

2021 – 2022 Reporting

Instructions for 20-21 Annual Reporting

Impact Report Form Unit

Unit Report Form

Impact Report Form District

District Report Form

2021 – 2022 Unit Elections Information

The Auxiliary Constitution & Bylaws Chairman has provided instructions regarding instructions for the election of Unit and District Officers for the Administrative year 2021-2022. 
Please click here to download.

Auxiliary Department Headquarters Open by Appointment Only

The Auxiliary Department office is now open by appointment.  Please email or call Department to make an appointment and please provide us with the nature of your visit. 
This is to help ensure someone is able to assist you and in the most efficient way possible. 

To contact Carol Lonsway, Membership Coordinator,  email:

To contact Brandy Nelson, Executive Director,  email:

Attention Unit Membership Chairs

Department has been receiving an abundance of membership applications that are not complete!  When we receive incomplete applications they are mailed back to the membership chair with a credit memo with the request that the COMPLETED application, new transmittal form, and copy of the credit memo be sent back to Department.  This causes significant delays, extra time for Department staff, and extra expense. 

Please see the Application Instruction Sheet provided CLICK HERE

New Transmittal Instructions – Transmittal Instructions 2020

Department reserves the right to mail back your entire membership submission if all parts are not complete and correct. 

Download the new Eligibility Infographic to post and share!  This is a great tool for unit Membership Chairs!

Membership Applications

Each week Department receives an average of 10 – 15 membership applications that are incomplete or incorrect.  These are in turn sent back to the Unit for completion.  This not only delays your new member’s application process, but also creates a lot of extra work for your Unit and Department.  Please click here to download a document that includes the most recent ALA membership application, a NEW helpful checklist, and membership eligibility explained.  Please be sure your unit membership chair has these helpful tools.  Please contact Department if you ever have questions regarding processing membership.  We’re happy to help!


Click here to Download the DEC 101 Presentation from the 2020 Winter Meeting