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Auxiliary Department Headquarters Open by Appointment Only

The Auxiliary Department office is now open by appointment.  Please email or call Department to make an appointment and please provide us with the nature of your visit. 
This is to help ensure someone is able to assist you and in the most efficient way possible. 

To contact Carol Lonsway, Membership Coordinator,  email:

Membership Packets

Membership packets are currently being processed.  22-23 Unit Membership Chairs, please keep a look out for your packets in the next two weeks.

If your Unit has not completed the Unit officers form (listed below) the Unit membership packet will be on hold.  We must have a current officers list in order to know who to send the packet to.

Unit and District Officers List for 2022 – 2023

Complete the 2022 – 2023 Officers List online via our Google Form.  You do not need to have a Google account/Gmail address to complete the Google form.

CLICK HERE to access the 2022 – 2023 Unit Officers List Google Form.

CLICK HERE to access the 2022 – 2023 District Officers List Google Form.

National Convention 2022

Those delegates and alternates for the ALA National Convention 2022 Milwaukee, WI August 26th Through September 1st can access Convention information by CLICKING THIS LINK to access the National Convention Packet.

ALA MIS Access

The 2022 calendar year has begun, and that means renewal for ALA MIS access.
An email was sent out to all 2021 users requesting renewal for 2022.  If you did not send in payment for 2022 access, the account has been suspended by National.
If you would like to be added or would like to renew access to ALA MIS, please complete the ALA MIS Access Application, and mail it to Department along with payment of $15.00.  Please do not contact National.  Requests for access must come from Department and not the Unit or District.

Donation Information


Donations for outside organizations will no longer be accepted at Department for distribution. If a donation is received, it will be returned to the Unit.

Department accepts the following donations:

ALA Girls State
Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF)
Current DEPARTMENT President’s Project (Heroes to Hives)
Current Department Junior President’s Project
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michigan Creative Arts Festival
Past President’s Parley Medical Career Scholarship
VA&R Fund – Please indicate which facility you are donating to

The following are examples of donations that Department cannot accept:

Chapel of Four Chaplains
National President’s Project
Wounded Warriors Project
Wilwin Lodge (This goes to the Legion)

If your Unit would like to make a donation to one of these organizations, please contact that organization directly.
If you have any questions, please email Department:



Attention Unit Membership Chairs

Department has been receiving an abundance of membership applications that are not complete!  When we receive incomplete applications they are mailed back to the membership chair with a credit memo with the request that the COMPLETED application, new transmittal form, and copy of the credit memo be sent back to Department.  This causes significant delays, extra time for Department staff, and extra expense. 

Please see the Application Instruction Sheet provided CLICK HERE

New Transmittal Instructions – Transmittal Instructions 2020

Department reserves the right to mail back your entire membership submission if all parts are not complete and correct. 

Questions about eligibility?  Download the new Eligibility Infographic Post and share!  This is a great tool for unit Membership Chairs!

Membership Applications

Each week Department receives an average of 10 – 15 membership applications that are incomplete or incorrect.  These are in turn sent back to the Unit for completion. 
This not only delays your new member’s application process, but also creates a lot of extra work for your Unit and Department.  Please click here to download a document that includes the most recent ALA membership application, a NEW helpful checklist, and membership eligibility explained. 
Please be sure your unit membership chair has these helpful tools. 
Please contact Department if you ever have questions regarding processing membership.  We’re happy to help!