Service, Not Self

Constitution and Bylaws

The success of any nonprofit organization depends on a sound governance structure that relies on efficient governance documents to frame the organization’s fundamental policies for driving its mission.  Governing documents must be carefully developed, properly written, and periodically reviewed and updated in order for an organization to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Everything done well, including volunteering and serving the Auxiliary’s mission in communities across the reach of the United States requires written, reasonable parameters for conducting the mission.
The Constitution and Bylaws program informs and educates members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of properly written, reviewed and updated documents, policies and procedures at all levels.  Constitution and Bylaws are the basis for governance of our department, districts and units.

Each Unit and District throughout this state should have copies of the National Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules; Department Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules; District Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules; and the Uniform Unit Constitution and Bylaws.  Units in Michigan write Standing Rules and adopt the uniform Unit Constitution and Bylaws as prescribed by the Department of Michigan.  The uniform Unit Constitution and Bylaws was first adopted in 1925 and has been changed throughout the years at Department Conventions by a 2/3 vote of delegates present as prescribed in the uniform Unit Standing Rules, Article XIV – Amendments.

By preparing and adhering to updated Constitutions, Bylaws, and Standing Rules will ensure a more successful organizational process and provide the structure to follow at all levels of our organization.