Service, Not Self


The Resolution Committee reviews resolutions submitted by the members.  They are read at the Pre-Convention Committee Meetings.  They must be submitted 30 days before Convention or can be brought up on the Pre-Convention Committee Meeting floor if signed by two qualified delegates.  They require a majority vote and can’t conflict with the Bylaws of an organization.   All Resolutions that require monetary awards, etc., must be sent to the Finance Committee.

Remember to be exact and get to your point.  You start a resolution with a preamble clause and Whereas, the next preamble clause and Whereas, the last preamble clause and Whereas and then the resolving part which ends with Therefore Be It Resolved and possibly Be it Further Resolved.

Stick to the content of what you are trying to say and do not make it confusing which could result in the Resolutions Committee sending it back for further explanation or the Resolutions Pre-Convention Committee Meeting turning it down by a majority vote.


 Resolutions Guide and Form


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