Service, Not Self

Department Executive Director – Secretary/Treasurer

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to record the proceedings and transactions of all the meetings; to act as custodian of all books, papers, and records; to send out such notices as are directed by the President; to process the correspondence; to keep on file in a comprehensive manner copies of all the correspondence sent and received; and perform such other duties as shall be required of her by the President.

Duties of the Secretary

The duties of the Secretary are administrative, and she occupies a pivotal position around which all the activities revolve. She should be efficient and well informed on all phases of Unit, Department and National activities and requirements and be capable of giving authentic information on organization matters.

The Secretary:

Makes a record of all business transacted at each meeting and of the executive board and presents her minutes for approval at the next meeting.

  • Counts a rising vote when requested by the President.
  • Prepares for the use of the presiding officer a statement of unfinished business to come before the meeting.
  • Has on hand for reference at each meeting a list of the names of members of all standing committees, a copy of the Bylaws, and correspondence sorted for reading.