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Hello District Presidents:

The moment has arrived for our Junior/Young Sons Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Click here and you will find 20 different things that the Juniors/Young Sons will need to locate or find the answers to.

There will be First, Second, and Third place winners as well as Participation awards.

The Juniors/Young Sons will need to either mail it to the Junior Chairman or take a picture and email her with the results, before the Department Convention in July so there is plenty of time.

It does not matter if your group consists of 1 or 10, please send the name of the Unit/Squadron along with the names of those participating with the results. If your group consists of Juniors and Young Sons that is ok, just let us know.

Awards will be given out at Convention.

The first to get their information to the Chairman is the First Place winner, then second and third, etc.  So please get this information to your Unit Presidents as quickly as you can so they can get started!!!!

Good luck to All!!!!!!

Join the Michigan American Legion Auxiliary Juniors!!

Departments Honorary Junior President’s Project

The Honorary Junior Presidents Project this year is “Mended Hearts”

Objective:  To promote and spread the word about Honorary Junior President Leah’s Project this year, Mended Hearts, Pontiac Chapter

  1. Go to the website for all information connected with the organization.
  2. Please help us help Minnie mend as many hearts as possible.

 2019-2021 Junior Officers

Honorary Department Junior Officers

President: Leah Daniels
1st Vice: Mackenzie Townes
2nd Vice: Aleigha Houghton
Secretary: Emma Damouth
Chaplain: Katherine Vandam
Historian: Abigail Jones
Sgt@Arms: Charlie Fadeyi

About the Juniors Program

Engaging the next generation to become members in the American Legion Auxiliary is the important purpose of the Junior Activities program.

Junior membership is open to girls from birth through age 17.

The Junior Activities program prepares girls under the age of 18 to become active adult members of the organization by providing positive volunteer experiences that instill the ideals of the Auxiliary. These girls develop leadership skills while having fun and hopefully becoming the future leaders of our organization.

Juniors are members of the Auxiliary who are organized as a committee of a unit. Juniors are not a separate Auxiliary organization. Junior members conduct their own meetings and perform their own special activities. Junior members plan their own community service projects, along with supporting projects sponsored by the Auxiliary and The American Legion Family.

Connecting with our Junior members and involving them in worthwhile activities that support our mission are the best ways to ensure the continuation of the Auxiliary for as long as there are veterans to serve.

Purpose Statement To interest eligible young women (under age 18) in adult Auxiliary membership through positive experiences of mission-based volunteer opportunities that instill the ideals of the organization.