Service, Not Self

Michigan Girls State Opens its 83rd Session at Michigan State University.

East Lansing (June 23, 2024)—The American Legion Auxiliary Department of Michigan 83rd Session of Girls State kicked off on the campus of Michigan State University today. This amazing week of learning will focus on responsible citizenship, leadership, and love for the ALA’s mission of serving veterans, the military, and their families.

Michigan American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Day 1 2024One hundred and thirty high school students who had completed their junior year were competitively selected and sponsored by an American Legion Auxiliary unit for this program.  They will learn about the political process by electing officials for all levels of state government and actively running a mock government. The participants are assigned to mock cities and either the “Federalist Party” or “Nationalist Party.”

Behind the scenes, a team of dedicated ALA volunteers, driven by their commitment to nonpartisan governmental, patriotic, and civic objectives, ensures these are not just set but carried out with utmost precision. Through interactive learning, they guide the participants, ensuring the week is filled with many learning opportunities while also leaving room for fun and forming long-term friendships.

Exciting events, meticulously planned throughout the week, are set to ignite the participants’ enthusiasm. These include panels where participants get to hear from local elected officials and a thrilling trip to the Michigan Capitol building on Thursday. This is where the Girl State elected officers will be sworn in by the Michigan Secretary of State Joslyn Benson, marking a significant moment in their journey.

The opening ceremony included swearing in the new citizens of Michigan Girls State and taking the Girls State Pledge.

As a member of the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, I will always try to be:

Generous to others, Intelligent of decision, Reverent to God, Loyal to country, Supporter of justice, Steadfast and purpose, Tactful in manner, Accurate in undertaking, Truthful at all times, Ever looking ahead.

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program, first presented in the late 1930s, is one of the most respected experiential learning programs in the United States. Guided by the principle “For God and Country,” the program epitomizes the ALA’s mission to honor those who have brought us our freedom by continuing to train young women to be leaders grounded in patriotism and Americanism. ALA Girls State participants become extremely knowledgeable about the democratic process and how our republic works at the state and national levels.

The American Legion Auxiliary is made up of the male and female spouses, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and direct and adopted female descendants of members of The American Legion. The Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. Along with The American Legion, it solidly stands behind America and its ideals.

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