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The 2021 ALA Department of Michigan Girls State Program will be a virtual program this year.

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This will be a year like no other for Michigan’s ALA Girls State! The decision has been made to go forward with our 80th ALA Girls State session in a virtual setting during the week of June 13 to June 19, 2021.  Schedule details are not available at this time; however, we anticipate the hours per day and the number of days will be reduced. We are fortunate to have such a professional government staff, many of them already experienced with the virtual classroom environment who promises to deliver a premier program.

One major change for 2021 is the lower reservation cost of $125 per delegate.  For those ALA Units that chose to hold their reservation fees of $375 for 2021, they can now send three delegates instead of just one!  This may also allow Units with smaller budgets to consider sponsoring a delegate.  Don’t forget the option of getting out in your communities to grocery stores, law offices, funeral homes, hardware stores and other businesses that are willing to support their youth. Parents and Grandparents have also sponsored a family member in the past.

Although this will be a major change for all of us, holding a virtual program has some huge benefits!  With students participating from home there is no need to make travel plans or worry about packing for seven days.  It also brings ALA Girls State into homes all over the state of Michigan.  Parents, for the first time in 80 years, will be able to look over their daughter’s shoulder to see what our ALA Girls State program and the American Legion Auxiliary is really about.  In states that held a virtual session last year, this increased membership applications.

One thing that will remain the same is the delegate registration process which will be done through CampDoc at a cost of $30 by the student.

What single American Legion Auxiliary program can be inspirational, educational, life-changing, and fun? It is American Legion Auxiliary Girls State/Girls Nation, a marquee Auxiliary program. At American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, high school female students who have completed their junior year are competitively selected to participate in a seven-day mock government program where they learn about civics and American government in a fast-paced, interactive program of campaigning, debating, voting, and electing mock local and state leaders.




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